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The cloud solution that helps SME brands create responsible products through integrated industry processes, workflows, project & product management (PLM), traceability, Digital Product Passport, and customer feedback.

Leading Brands Into Circularity

We’re your ONE platform solution for running and scaling your sustainable fashion business.

A holistic approach - an end to end solution.

Everything you need to manage your brand from strategy, collection structure, development of quality products, marketing content, supply chain traceability, Digital Product Passport and beyond.
Portia Process


Move faster with our built-in industry-specific processes.

Built-in key meetings for collection success.

Agile workflow management.

Everybody knows what to do, when to do it. Never miss a deadline again.

Everybody works in a holistic approach.

One online tool: Say goodbye to G...e sheets, E...l spreadsheets, and different management tools to track your progress.

Brands can scale thanks to structure, clear processes – teams can grow without the headache and chaotic mess of missing processes.

Portia Project


Portia helps teams understand WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and WHO to do it, to bring sustainable, high-quality products to market.

Team responsibility and accountability for better decision-making, positive work environment, organisational success, and improved performance and productivity.

Project management through Kanban boards and Gantt charts for successful project tracking and progress.

Task management to ensure every team member works on the right thing to meet every deadline


Asset management that keeps all your brand and design assets in ONE place. Never waste time again to search for things


Team communication on the platform in ONE place for enhanced collaboration, where all team members can solve problems, increase efficiency and make better decisions.


Manage your range planning, product development, supply chain, and traceability in ONE platform.

Plan and build your range plan for an optimized, consistent, and on-brand collection.

Create product briefs to ensure the right product is put to market with the right story, features, price, and materials.

Keep track of and cut time in product creation; tech packs, BOM, measurements, sizes, costing sheets.

Keep organized on manufacturers, suppliers, fabrics, and trims - all in one place.

Prototype review and comment your products in one place to keep organized and traceable.

Make projections on material usage and orders.

Use the built-in bar code generator to save time and keep track of all code.

AI Content Creation


AI generated product descriptions derived from each product brief and range plan information. To be used on websites, in product catalogues, in sales material, and marketing communication.



Supply chain traceability to comply with the new legislations - keep track of where your materials come from and where your products are made.

Collect all data and information for Digital product passport implementation. Have full product transparency and traceability .

QR code generation for digital product passports. The tool delivers individual QRCodes for each product to be exhibited on the care label or hangtag so the user can access all product data when needed. Customers can track and engage with your products in a fully transparent way. 

Customer feedback - inside the QRCode page - end consumers can comment and share product feedback that brands can take into consideration to further improve the products, resulting in long-lasting, higher-quality products.

Follow the Sustain20 framework for building circular products and implementing circular business models. The framework guides brands to creating the right products that the market and customers need, developing quality, durable, and long-lasting products that customers love, and supporting brands with business model ideas on where to guide customers for product second and after-life plans.


Make strategic business decisions and plan your collections to meet market and customer demand. 

Provide projections for an entire collection. Estimate sample costs, production costs, desired margins, and FOB.

See potential income and profit based on target prices, production quantity, and margins.

Conduct simulations of different prices and margins to understand their impact on production investments.

Estimate wholesale price, retail price, and desired margins to grow your business. Let the Sustain20 framework lead you into a circular business model, strategizing for long-term business success.

Customer feedback


Connect with end-users to get product feedback.

Create a better collection with the feedback from your customers.

Create wanted and needed products instead of shelf-warmers. 

QR code generation to showcase full product information, letting your customers make calculated decisions when buying your products and engaging with your brand.

Collect customer feedback momentarily per product to improve quality and longevity.

Connecting brands & retailers


Share with your retailer, agent and distributor partners a comprehensive brand and product document and information package so they can accurately represent you.

Provide product information and marketing material in an easy, accurate and effective way to generate more sales.

Increase your sales through brand and product data availability and transparency.

Quantity and cost calculations


Analyze collection costs: Determine sample costs, production costs, desired margins, and FOB for your existing collection.

Assess income and profitability: Calculate actual income and profit based on current prices, production quantities, and margins.

Run price and margin simulations: Evaluate the effects of varying prices and margins on your production investments by simulating different scenarios.

Set pricing strategy: Establish your current wholesale price, retail price, and achieve desired margins.

Teams Love It

Portia doesn’t look and work like any other system.

ONE common platform for collaboration. All teams can seamlessly collaborate in ONE place – no more departments working in silos.

Every team member has clear responsibilities – no more projects and tasks “falling between chairs” or getting lost when people are sick or leave the company. 

See How Different Departments Use Portia

– Full view of the key meetings and process – make accurate planning and goal setting for brand growth.

– Have insight into circular models and make additional business decisions for sustainable business growth.

– Track work and see progress overall in teams.

– Unblock teams to run efficiently and effectively.

– Get important analytics for future business decisions.

– Connect your products to your long-term strategy and goal.

– Communication tool with all departments.

– Have a history of product performance and make calculated decisions for well-performing coming collections and products.

– Create collection and range plan overviews to build the best range according to brand strategy.

– Run optimized processes to reduce time on work implementation, meetings, and communication.

– Create collection and product briefs for purposeful products with calculated outcomes.

– Create tech packs – faster.

– Use customer feedback to create better products.

– Communication tool with other departments.

– Brand and design assets in one place.

– Create and store all product information and communication in one place.

– Make projections – Calculate costs, margins and make projections with the integrated collection and product calculators.

– Get collection and product information to place material and product orders.

– Launch better products – faster.

– Have full supply chain transparency and traceability.

– One central place asset storage of the most important documents – like brand assets, design assets, content.

– Communication tool with other departments.

– Use the collection and product briefs to create successful campaigns and product launches.

– Use the integrated AI efficiently to create product content for workbooks and websites.

– Create collection and product content to be used in all marketing and sales material.

– Asset storage of the most important documents to have in one central place – like brand marketing assets.

– Communication tool with other departments.

– Sales information input from previous collections to help create on-brand high selling future products.

– Digital Product Passport – Integrate the QR codes in DPP for traceable, informative connection with consumers to support them in making better purchase decisions. 

– Sales team has all collection and product pitch/information and assets for successful sell ins with retailers.

– Brand gets product reviews and comments to improve the product quality.

– Brand and product data availability and transparency for agent, retailer, and distributor partners.

– Communication tool with other departments.

Portia Data

Time Is Money. Correct Data Is Time.

We know how time consuming and plain boring it can be to search for things and to create documents over and over again.

Have full overview of the entire collection, all styles developed, what components are used, and know exactly what each supplier/producer is making. 

Portia keeps things organized and reduces the time to create this information. 

The data can be sent out faster to the manufacturers, in a professional and consolidated way to achieve the best product possible. 

Have full information packages to send out to manufacturers to reduce product defects.

Minimize human errors and missed deadlines.

Portia Affordability


We believe work tools should be affordable.

With Portia you don’t have to pay for expensive IT consultants and lengthy implementation projects to configure a system that isn’t ready to use - at purchase. Portia is ready to go in an instant.

All updates included are 100% compatible, automatically updated, at no extra charge or headache for you.

What Problems Does Portia Solve For You?

Departments & Team Collaboration
Centralization & Accessibility
Supply Chain and Data Management
Cost & Strategy Management
Product & Brand Development
Web & Mobile Access

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